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About Us

My father was an antique dealer and ironworker. Growing up vintage was a way of life. I loved going to estate auctions with him. Learning about antiques was instilled in me at an early age. I was fascinated at how practical and how these old items had stood the test of time and were still useable. My parents used vintage items and my family still use the same items.

I followed in my father's footsteps. Being an Ironworker for 35 years gave me an appreciation for well handcrafted items. Its that same quality and attention to detail you find in vintage items. I like items that have history and character of its own, unique items. Vintage items make our house a home, bringing comfort of a more simple time to mind.

Photo of Dale at ChaseyBlueVintage

Now, at this chapter in my life, it seems natural to focus on what I know and enjoy. My wife of 40 years shares my passion. We started ChaseyBlueVintage in 2013. Since then we have shipped out hundreds of vintage treasures ready for the next generation to enjoy. 

We love the intense hunt at estate sales and auctions. Its a thrill for us to find, bid, and beat the competition out on great vintage items. Most weeks you will find us searching for that special item for our shop or our home. 

I started building rebar art thanks to my wife. We were remodeling our kitchen. She wanted a new light fixture over the island cabinet. She looked for months, but nothing. We collaborated and low and behold, I made her light fixture. That was the beginning. Now I'm constantly thinking of new practical useful rebar items that I can make for you.  

What's in a Name?

Photo of Chasey from ChaseyBlueVintage

Our name, ChaseyBlue is in remembrance of our little Chasey. A true blue friend and pal for 18 years. We rescued Chasey who had been dumped with her litter mates along side the road when she was a few weeks old.

She was a girl that liked the wind between her big floppy ears as she rode anything that moved, motorcycle, go cart, bicycle, boat, etc. She even tried to drive the car once and would growl if I put my hand on the steering wheel.

She was really a one-of-a-kind girl!

That explains the dachshund in the logo, but what's the deal with the blue bottles?? My wife started a cobalt blue bottle collection back in the 70s. We now have over 450 different blue bottles on shelves around our house. My wife, being the type A person she is, has them all sorted and organized by size.

Blue Bottle Collection at ChaseyBlueVintageBlue Bottle Collection at ChaseyBlueVintage

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We love hearing from you, our friends, that's why we have a blue "contact us" button on every page of our website. Please contact us if you have a question or would like us to search for your special item.

Please enjoy browsing through our shop and have fun hunting for your vintage treasures. Thank You for visiting ChaseyBlue, Dale

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