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4 Chicken Baskets Vintage Wicker Matched Set

Regular price $37.00

Vintage wicker baskets, 3 larger ones have lids that look like a chicken. 
These very old baskets where found at an estate sale. 
They have solid wood beaks and red comb features. 
3 larger ones have button eyes. 
Listing is for all 4. 

Great detail on these tight weave baskets with woven rims. 
All are in great vintage condition, a little dirty, wing "feathers" on middle one has come unglued and her comb has been re-glued with pins in her face. 
See photos for additional details and condition. 

A unique find to find all 4. 
Largest one is 10 1/4" tall to top of comb X 9 1/4" long X 8 1/4" wide. 
Next to largest is 9 3/4" tall to top of comb X 9" long X 8" wide. 
Middle one is 7 3/4" tall to top of comb X 6 1/2" long X 5 3/4" wide. 
Smallest one is 5" tall X 5 1/2" long X 3 1/4 wide.