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Collection of 12 White and Off White Crocheted Doilies and Lace Dresser Scarfs

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This collection of 12 doilies and dresser scarfs will accent any room and help prevent scratches to your furniture.

There are 2 white lace dresser scarfs, 31" X 12" and 42" X 14", shown in photo #4.
2nd photo is a large 29 inch crocheted table top off white doily with full ruffled edging.
There are 5 with a similar pattern, like photo #5 upper right corner. They range from 6" across to 8 3/4" across.
2 that have different patterns are 6 1/2" across and 12" across.
There is also a 17" diameter pineapple pattern doily and a 16" starched doily that will not lay flat.

All are in great vintage condition, a couple of small stains, no loose threads.
Would look great on small and large tables, centerpiece settings.