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4 Vintage Household Hints How To Books Problem Solving

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4 helpful household hint books in very good vintage condition, no pages missing, binding intact, rough around the edges
Facts on Restoring Fingernails Pamplet
Helpful Household hints - 1983, 127 pages, recycling tips, gardening victories, clothing care, traveling hints, pets and kids
Your Household Guide - 1957, 80 pages, cooking, picnic, canning, sewing, laundry time-savers, flowers, gardening, painting,
The Best of Helpful Hints - 1976, 92 pages, kitchen, bathroom, candles, car, carpet, children, floors, laundry, gardening, wallpaper, windows
Hints for the Haag Home Laundry - 1936, 41 pages, everything you ever needed to know about laundry, clothes, stains, clotheslines,
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Perfect gift for the new bride.