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Vintage Baby Bouncer Chair Metal Frame Bouncing Seat for Infants

Regular price $84.95

Nice Mid Century baby bouncer chair has a sturdy metal frame that easily folds up when not in use.
Frame will lock into position when in use.
This bouncing seat for infants lets them exercise their legs.
Arm rests are wooden.
Nice graphics on back of seat and has original manufacturer tags.
Large basket area in front will hold toys or cheerios!
Also included is a padded insert to accommodate smaller babies.

Overall dimensions are 27 1/2" tall X 22 1/2" long X 16" wide.
Folded dimensions are 6 1/2" tall X 22 1/2" long X 16" wide.
Manufactured by Welsh Playmate, made in USA.
Vinyl seat, back, and front are in great vintage condition, no rips, fabric trim around leg holes has unraveled some (see photo).

Very cool 50s baby furniture, It's rare to find a bouncer in this good condition.