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Vintage Snoopy Alarm Clock Playing Tennis Wind Up Peanuts Gang Equity Clock

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Snoopy is playing tennis on this whimsical clock face.
The tennis ball is rotating around indicating the seconds and Snoopy's arms are the clock hands.
A little window above Snoopy's head tells you what time the alarm is set for.

Clock face is 3 7/8" in diameter, overall 4 3/8" in diameter and stands 4 5/8" tall.
This clock has been tested. At testing, it kept good time and the alarm worked.
Being a vintage clock, it does not come with a guarantee to continue to work.

Case has chromed bezel and clear plastic front.
Back and stand are white painted metal.
This clock is in excellent physical appearance, no scratches to speak of, no dings, no scuffs.

This is a Equity clock made in Hong Kong for United Feature Syndicates.